Velorex-history and  Velorex-sidecar 562

Sidecar - Zijspan - Sidevogns

1938 Czech brothers František and Mojmir Stransky Stransky opened a bicycle repair shop in a small town in the northwest of the Czech Republic called Parnik. They called their business MOTO-VELO-sport.
First, they constructed a mixture of a car and a motorcycle for people who could muster very little money.
1943 appeared the first such vehicle. A tubular frame construction with fabric, since after the war, the funds were very scarce.
The early 50s, the Czech economy has been reorganized by the Communist guidelines. Affected were the brothers Stransky. First was the new cooperative VELO and two years later was renamed Veleorex.

The first Velorex sidecar (type 560), beginning with the JAWA character, went to the big production. He adapted to the design of that lie JAWA motorcycles.

Between 1956 and the end of the 90 presented Velorex approximately 290,000 sidecar in large-scale production forth, which were exported to 62 countries on 5 continents.
The development, derTyp 562, has been exported to tens of thousands.
At the beginning of the 90s, in the times of economic changes the Velorex cooperative was disbanded.

By private initiative of former employees has the name and the product Velorex when survived in much smaller scale, economic change.
Today, the company VELO EXPORT is. It is a solid small company with about 18 employees. Meanwhile, not only sidecars, but also car trailers are manufactured.

Velorex type 562 series

Type 562, Model 03, fiberglass boat with plexiglass windshield and split upholstered seat, is located behind the lockable backrest storage space.
Inside lining and a rubber floor mat.
The chassis consists of a curved steel tubes (36mm) with anchoring elements for fixing the boat and the suspension with swingarm and shock absorbers.
The Beiwagenreifen 3.25 "x16" offers a 160mm mechanically operated drum brake
The fender is made of sheet steel and carries the prescribed lighting and as a position light, stop and tail light.
On the side of the bow and stern of the boat the right direction indicators are mounted.
Included is the mounting for motorcycles JAWA 350, Type 634
For other types of motorcycles, there are Universal Fasteners.
Probable division :. USSR and socialist countries.

Type 562, Model 07, fiberglass boat with a slightly different boot shell. (Geändeter entry, the other bracket, other tarpaulin)
otherwise known as Model 03
Planned division: socialist countries, non-socialist countries

Type 562, Model 09, fiberglass boat, similar to the model 07,
Combined lamps with side lights and direction indicators on the fenders
Chassis and fender is the same design as previous models
Light unit on the rear fender with a light with stop and tail light and direction indicator.
The sidecar wheel is the same as the Model 07 with a tire 3.25 "x16".
Intended business: non-socialist countries

Type 562, Model 10, as the Model 09 but intended for mounting on the left side of motorcycle.
For attachment to foreign brands a universal connector-mounting kit is provided.
Planned division: export to the UK and Japan

Currently, there is next to the type 562 Deluxe also the Model 565d
  and the  Model 700

 Beiwagen Veleorex 562

Beiwagen Velorex 562

Der Beiwagen Velorex  562 an der 250ccm Honda CMX 250

Velorex 562

For a description of the team Velorex-Honda team is currently as a draft version before

and is provided here as a PDF for download.

Velorex Honda Gespann

Verbesserte Schwinge mit 20mm Achse

Schwinge mit 20 mm Achse

Technische Daten Velorex 562:

Velorex 562 technische Daten

Ersatzteilliste Velorex 562 (von 1982)

Velorex Ersatzteilliste

Beispiel für den Anschluss des Velorex-Beiwagens an eine JAWA

Velorex Beiwagen Anschluss