Russian sidecar  IZH - ISH - ISCH

Sidecar - Zijspan - Sidevogns

Sputnik VMZ 9.203  (9.101 - 9.204cargo)

Russian sidecar IZH, ISH, ISCH sputnik VMZ 9.203 and the cargo version BM3 9.204

IZH was in the USSR and CIS a major manufacturer that produced weapons besides motorcycles.
Only through the opening to the West also occasionally motorcycles and sidecars the company IZH came into the European space.
Since 1927, the IZH plant has produced about 11 million motorcycles.
After 1945, inter alia, also German motorcycle models from DKW (NZ350) produced and later developed.
Subcontractor was the company VMZ (Vyatskopolyanskiy mashinostroitel'nyy zavod), which provided alongside muffler, air filter, steering, tires and pumps, from 1956 to Izhevsk sidecar.
Thus became known to the sidecar type Sputnik, which was made for the bike and Planet Jupiter.
The sidecarproduction began in 1956 with the BP56 model and followed up to 1976 models BP58, BP62, BP65 and VMZ 9,101.
The sidecar type VMZ 9,203> ​​Sputnik 'was built from 1985 to 2005.
As cargo trailer the sidecar was sold under the name VMZ 9,204 (see photo below).

IZH history

IZH Jupiter and Planeta (Russian Иж Планета) are a series of Russian motorcycle models.
Jupiter are equipped with 2-cylinder engines and Planeta are single cylinder.
The IZH Planeta be manufactured in the factory Kalashnikov Concern since 1962.
Planeta 5 was produced in the years 1987-2008.
Until Planeta-6 single-cylinder two-stroke engines have been used with 350 cc engine.
The Planeta-7 (sports) has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 250 cc Rotax.
Furthermore, in Izhevsker Maschinenfabrik (IZHEVSK MOTORCYCLE JSC) models such as the Saturn, Orion and Sirius emerged.
Between 1996 and 2000 Chopper Model (Juncker) was developed.
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IZH sidecar VMZ 9.203 und VMZ 9.204 cargo
(translate from original russian manual)

 UDSSR manufactor IZH (webside)

Sidecar IZH Sputnik

IZH motorbike Jupiter 3 and sidecar VMZ 9.101

Planeta 3 and sidecar
Planeta 3 and sidecar (Foto: manufactor IZH)


IZH motorbike Planeta 5 and sidecar VMZ 9.203

Planeta 5 and sidecar
Planeta 5 and sidecar (Foto: manufactor IZH)

Sidecar VMZ 9.203 > Sputnik <  (build from 1985 to 2005 by VMZ)

Beiwagen Sputnik VMZ 9.203


Sidecar  VMZ 9.204 cargo

IZH Beiwagen 9.204 -  (Foto: Hersteller Prospekt IZH)
IZH sidecar 9.204 (Foto: manufactor IZH)


Datasheet sidecar VMZ 9.203 Sputnik

IZH Beiwagen VMZ 9.203

 Sign = "Sputnik VMZ" (on the right side of the hatch)

sidecar sputnik VMZ



Some picture of the sidecar Sputnik VMZ 9.203

IZH Sputnik VMZ 9.203

IZH Sputnik VMZ 9.203

IZH Sputnik


IZH Sputnik VMZ 9.203

IZH Sputnik VMZ 9.203

Motorbike Catalog from 1950,

An example of years of activities in motorbikes

IZH Beiwagen und Motorräder, Katalog von 1950
IZH Motorbike, Catalog from 1950                  Flyer from 1956


Russian stamps from 1999

IZH Motorräder